Are you frustrated by all the different makes and models of vacuum cleaners out there? If you’ve reached this page you’re probably looking for help, information, resources, reviews, ratings, and tips for the best, discount and cheapest vacuum cleaner you can find – and save money on your purchase too.

You want to buy a good quality vacuum cleaner that will last a long time. When it comes to buying vacuum cleaners, it pays to do your research online and offline too. You can buy an inexpensive, cheap or expensive model depending on your budget.

Buying the best vacuum cleaner will take a little research.  A quality vacuum cleaner can be an excellent investment.  You can save a lot of money on vacuum cleaners by buying online. This site is a great portal about canister vacuum reviews.

You can find vacuum cleaners listed in the yellow pages under the vacuum cleaner repair stores, classified ads in your local newspaper, on Craigslist online, eBay and other online auction sites and the manufacturer and dealer websites on the Internet.

If you plan to buy online you can still try out vacuum cleaners at your local vacuum cleaner dealers and stores that carry vacuum cleaners. You can save a lot of money buying vacuum cleaners online if you do some thorough research first.

Sometimes people find they can buy a newer used or reconditioned vacuum cleaner for a lot less money on eBay so that may be worth a try if you’re so inclined.  Shipping costs should be considered. When you buy a new vacuum cleaner online though, the shipping cost may be included in the price. Sometimes new or used dealers will have reconditioned or refurbished vacuum cleaners for sale.


Qualities of a Good or Best Vacuum Cleaners

Just a few things to consider are:

The best vacuum cleaner should maintain constant suction.  It can lose suction when the filters or bags get clogged and blow dirt back into the air.

A good vacuum cleaner should be powerful and pick up from the rug or carpet and hard-floors or hardwood floors.  Many vacuums don’t pick up well on all surfaces.

A top-rated vacuum cleaner should expel or exhaust only fresh, clean air.  Some vacuums may actually put dirt back into your home. They should not smell.

A best vacuum cleaner should cost nothing to maintain.  Vacuums with replaceable bags can add up each year adding significant cost to your initial purchase. For some, bagless vacuum are better.

Some vacuums rely on bags or filters to trap the dirt; they can clog up and lose their suction.

A rated best vacuum cleaner should seldom need to be fixed or repairs.


Vacuum Cleaner Features

Vacuum cleaner brands include (listing some of the popular manufacturers): Dyson, Kirby, Hoover, Rainbow, Eureka, Oreck, Roomba and Miele.  Other popular brands included are: Shark, Bug, Royal, Dirt Devil, Electrolux, Panasonic, Kenmore, Sebo, Riccar, Bissell, Filter Queen, Euro Pro, Bosch, Halo, GE, Pond, Fuller, Sanitaire and Simplicity vacuum cleaners.

Goodway is a commercial vacuum cleaner. Someone asked us about aspiradora but aspiradora is not a brand of vacuum cleaner but is Spanish for vacuum cleaner.

There are professional, commercial, industrial, hand held, backpack, central, upright, tank, canister, compact, rechargeable, wet and dry, and robotic vacuum cleaners. There are bagged, beltless and bagless vacuums. There are vacuums for pets, aquariums, pools and pellet stoves. Then there is Dusty the talking vacuum cleaner!

Keep in mind vacuums will have a wide range of options and features to choose from; some have features like nozzles, extended cords and bright colors that add to the price.

You want to make sure to get a vacuum designed for your mixture of carpeting and hard flooring.  If you have lots of flooring to vacuum you’ll want a model with floor attachments that use brushes and/or an upright vacuum with metal bottom plates. Make sure the height can be set low enough and that the plate and wheels don’t scratch your floors.

For carpets, make sure the vacuum has enough suction power, especially for carpet or rugs with deep pile. Upright models can be ideal for carpets cleaning.

If you have family members with long hair get a vacuum cleaner that has a stainless steel brush roller with ball bearings.

Metal components in a vacuum cleaner are better than plastic but will make the unit much heavier.

You may want an ‘after motor’ ‘true HEPA filter’ in a sealed system. Keep in mind there are no standards set for sealed models.

Also check out parts for older models or brands or models that are not being made any more at eBay.  You can find a lot of older vacuum cleaner parts there. For more tips on how to choose a vacuum, click here.



A best quality vacuum cleaner is an excellent investment in your home and in your home cleaning equipment. A vacuum should last for many years with proper care. You can save a lot of money by doing your research.

Read online vacuum cleaner ratings and reviews like on Amazon. Comparison shop. Read how vacuum cleaners rank and compare to others. Make sure you check the warranty. Make sure you add on replacement bags to your initial investment if they’re required.

Don’t be totally dazzled by a complete array of attachments. Know that you’re getting the best vacuum cleaner for your money. There have been a lot of advances in vacuum cleaners over the years so it’s hard to buy one that’s not good or you’d be unhappy with.