How to Clean Pergo Laminate Floors?

Pergo floors are amazing because of the way they are able to stand up to dirt and damage. That is the reasons many people prefer this type of flooring. The proper way to clean the Pergo Laminate floor is to use a great steam cleaner from Shark vacuum. The everyday dusting will help to keep them in shape because most of the time you can remove the obvious dust with a dry mop or the use of a moist mop.

Use of Cleaning Spray

When necessary to clean sections of the floor uses a spray mist that will help bring up any hard to clean surface area. The mixture of 1/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup vinegar, and three drops of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle will create enough cleaning liquid to clean your Pergo Laminate Floors. You will need to make sure the floor is dry before you start to use your Shark vacuum. Make sure that your vacuum is set for hard floors before you start the clean-up.


The Right Vacuum to Use for Pergo Laminate Floors 

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Wood floor Swivel Steering Scrubbing Cleaner is the perfect cleaner when it comes to laminated flooring. The system is not a steam mop. The Shark vacuum uses a vibration motion to scrub the floor clean. The Shark Sonic Duo uses cool water and solution that combined with the scrubbing action will clean the Pergo laminate floor giving back that shine that it has always had. The Sonic Trap & Remove technology is excellent for the laminate hardwood floors.

The cleaner gives off 1000 scrubs per minute, but the air glide maneuverability makes it very easy to control while you are working. It has a great performance record with hardwood floors. Many people claim that this is one of the easiest tools ever used to clean Pergo Laminate flooring. It gives off a great swivel action that helps you to clean around the edge of the fridge and underneath cabinets. When you are going down the hallways or working in the bathroom or other areas, this same swivel action helps to clean all those areas. The flooring will dry nicely leaving no residue. You will find that the pads hold the dirt, so there is no line or smears. You are able to get under beds and those hard to reach spots without any problems.


Pergo Laminate Floors – Best on the Market

The best flooring on the market today is the Pergo laminate that is why it is essential that you use the best method possible for cleaning. It is not always easy to keep floors clean when the weather turns rainy or snowy but when you use the Shark Sonic Duo Deluxe”, it makes house cleaning simple. You will find that you can easily do spot jobs or the whole house with your Shark vacuum. The products that come with the cleaner make it easier for you to do the spot jobs on your flooring. This machine is interactive so that you can clean the hardwood floor and the carpet if you have combination flooring.

Shark Sonic Duo Deluxe, this Shark vacuum has become very popular in many households because of the ease of use and the fact that it does an excellent job in cleaning. When it comes to getting around corners, underneath tight spaces, or just doing the Pergo Laminate flooring the Shark Sonic Duo Deluxe is the best on the market today. There is no streaks or lines left after you are done cleaning. The pads are great to control that, so it is a soft, easy clean-up. Those who use the machine claim that they prefer using some of the products that they can get that will help them return the natural shine to the floor.

Shark Sonic Duo KD450WM removes stuck -on dirt Shark provides the customer a powerful cleaner that will remove stuck -on dirt from hardwood floors. This is a total floor care system. It is powerful enough to clean and finish all hardwood floors especially the Pergo Laminate hardwood flooring. The solution penetrates into the flooring helping to remove that stuck -on dirt without doing any damage to the flooring. The dirt becomes dehydrated, and that makes it easier to be picked up. The hardwood floors are deep cleaned leaving them with a beautiful non -streak finish.



You will find the action of the Shark Sonic Duo, along with the cleaning solution is a perfect match for a clean floor. The Pergo Laminate flooring is cleaned down to the cracks giving the best shine and streak-free floors possible. This is the perfect way to keep your Pergo laminate flooring clean without having to overwork. The use of the Shark vacuum and the cleaning solution makes it easier for you for touch ups or thorough cleaning.

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