Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Complete Review

Dyson has been a powerhouse in the vacuum world for some time now. Their cyclone technology has been the subject of many lawsuits due to copycats. Anyway, this is the improvement technology that this company has come out.

This vac is deliberately designed and sold as a pet hair removal vacuum. We decided to evaluate the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum. So, following are some of the great features of this cleaner.

Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The Features of Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

Radial Root Cyclone Technology – The Dyson cyclone technology creates a powerful vortex that drops particulates and pet hair out of the air stream before exiting through the vacuum’s filters. The cyclone technology is supposed to prevent loss of suction. The DC41 has an improved cyclone called “Radial Root Cyclone”. Dyson re-engineered the way air flows through the vacuum to increase velocity and clean the air more thoroughly. This new feature also creates more suction giving the DC41 a constant suction of 235 Air-watts versus the older versions’ 220.

Advanced Ball Technology – Dyson created the original ball technology which housed the vacuum motor and allowed their vacuums to be easily maneuvered. The DC41 has a new and improved version of the ball, which reduces the overall dimensions of the vacuum and eliminates external hoses. Dyson not only houses the motor in the DC41’s ball, but also included the plastic ducting which used to protrude to the outside on older models. The DC41 can pivot a full 90 degrees in place, which makes turns extremely easy.

Powerful Suction -The 235 Air-watts of suction make the DC41 Animal a force to be reckoned with. This vacuum has ample suction that when combined with the brush bar can suck pet hair out of any carpet length.

Automatic Height Adjustment Power Head – The vacuum head has a spring loaded plate to help it automatically adjust to differing floor heights. It is a passive system and is not nearly as fluid as the Sebo X4 Automatic. It does an adequate job going from low pile carpet to hardwood floors, but there are issues with going from hardwood floors to high pile carpets. This feature does allow the vacuum head to have more contact with the floor surface, which increases the overall suction allowing deep cleaning.

Large Bin Capacity – The DC41 Animal Vacuum has a very large dust bin, which is a huge plus. It is over half a gallon, which is several times larger than Dyson imitators such as the Shark Navigator. If you vacuum regularly you should be able to vacuum up to 2,000 square feet of carpet before having to empty the dust bin. The dust bin can be easily emptied by pushing a button that releases the bottom trap door. This is a messy event that results in much dust in the air. We recommend that you empty the dust bin directly into an outside trash can. It has been reported that dust can be displaced into the internal working of the vacuum, which could cause undue wear and tear. We much prefer a vacuum that uses bags such as the Sebo X4 Automatic.

Motorized Beater Bar – The motorized beater bar is very effective at loosening pet hair from carpet. The beater bar can be turned off at the push of a button for cleaning hardwood floors. It is automatically turned off when the vacuum is in the locked, upright position. This feature is handy when using the detachable hose extender.

HEPA Filter Vacuum – The Dyson DC41 Animal is a certified asthma friendly pet hair vacuum that has a LIFETIME, washable HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is kinda like a sponge. It is easy to clean, but must be dried thoroughly prior to use. There is an outer screen within the dust bin area that blocks larger particles from getting to the HEPA filter. That screen is difficult to clean and is one of the drawbacks of a bagless vacuum.

Extend-able Stretch Hose – The stretch hose on the DC41 can be deployed very easily. It has a 3 section collapsible wand for reaching into cracks and crevices. It has a one click feature for attaching the accessories. We really liked the way accessories attach to the wand securely. In older Dyson models the accessories slid onto the wand and would fall off in some situations.

NOTE:The power cord wraps around the extend-able hose clip. This means you have to unwrap the entire cord to deploy the stretch hose. The stretch hose and 35 foot cord gives the Dyson DC41 Animal a range of over 50 feet!.

Mini Turbo Head – The turbo brush attachment is a small, plastic accessory that contains a small bristled brush that is powered by the vacuums suction. It did an adequate job of loosening pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Since it is a passive design it is not very powerful. It would be nice if Dyson would provide a separate motor for the turbo brush.

Other Features – The DC41 Animal has several accessories that can be stored on the vacuum such as a crevice and brush tool. The crevice tool is combined with the brush tool which reduces the number of on-board attachments. You can use the brush tool for upholstery surfaces then utilize the crevice tool to get between couch cushions. With the combo tool you can do all this without having to go back to the vacuum for a separate tool.

Warranty – Long 5 years for parts and labor. The long warranty periods turn your purchase into risk-free.



All in all we are very impressed with the Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum. It is one of our top pick for best vacuum for pet hair. The suction is extremely powerful and the attachments are well thought out.

We aren’t particularly fond of cleaning the dustbin, but if you want a bagless vacuum then you will have to deal with the mess. The dustbin is large so it only needs to be emptied occasionally.

The build quality is not nearly as nice as the Sebo, but this vacuum costs over $100 less. It has a 5 year warranty, which should make you feel a little more comfortable. Overall, this is the nicest bagless pet hair vacuum we have reviewed and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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