How To Use A Steam Mop?

For many people, doing household chores is pretty much a last resort and mopping the floors are at the forefront. It’s just something about having to deal with dirty water that makes people run for the hills on mop and dish day. Though traditional style mopping is still available; steam mops have taken over the scene and making a positive stamp on the industry.

Unfortunately with all good things there are surely some negatives thrown in for good measure. The thing with steam mops is that it’s not the product that causes the negative comments, it’s the way people tend to use the product itself. Most people will spend large amounts of time shopping for a product, but won’t necessarily take the time to learn how to use it effectively. This article is written for those specific individuals who struggle with learning the proper way to use the infamous steam mop.


Before starting up your steam mop there’s one important thing you should initially do. Vacuuming preps the floor really well before the mopping process begins, but you can’t imagine how many people decide to skip this critical step. Nearly half of all steam mop users intentionally or unintentionally forget to prep the floor. Even the most top of the line steam mops won’t effectively clean the floor is there is close to an inch of dirt, grime, dust, and hair stuck to it. Sweeping is good, but vacuuming primes the floor much better.

Many people also have those vacuum/steam mop combo devices. Unfortunately these individuals fall into the same category. Many people actually use the device in one pass or one cleaning rather than doing these steps separately. Trying to save time cutting corners actually takes up more time than you actually have so be smart, take your time, and you’ll receive a great cleaning.

Try Using More Than One Pad:

Another way that people seem to get wrong is by using just one pad. Really…just one pad? This isn’t the best way to go about it and you’re actually cheating yourself unless you like having a half-washed floor.

Using one pad is like a race car that’s spinning it’s wheels over and over, but not actually going anywhere. Is there any logic by doing this? Trust and believe the only thing you’re doing is smearing the nasty dirt that you just picked up moments ago. The funny thing about it is that your putting the dirt right back down in liquid form and when the floor finally dry’s out, you’ll have some nice long, dirty skid marks smiling back at you.

It may take a little bit longer, but make sure to go over the floor with an extra pad right after the use of the first one. This action will give you a more thorough cleansing minus the streaks.

Properly Use The Steam Mop:

Let’s not fool ourselves; steam mops are general maintenance products designed for home use. The mop is should be used for the average everyday dirt, dust, and grime. It is surely not built to cut through a half-foot of mud. This product is for maintenance purposes and should be used in conjunction with your current way of cleaning.

Steam mop recommendation: Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop.


Benefits of Steam Mops

Provides Deep Cleaning:

Instead of being frustrated with your device because you feel like it doesn’t do good enough job, but in actuality; the problem might just be how you’re using it. Not too long ago, giving your floors a deep cleaning would be by getting down on your hands and knees. That’s right and not too long ago this was the way it was and it definitely was back breaking work.

That’s the great thing about the steam mop process. You finally have the ability to super clean your floors without the painstaking work and many steam mops does a great job at sanitizing as well. Taking the time to read the owners manual will probably cause you to experience an epiphany. For those hard to reach corners; steam mops do a wonderful job for reaching in and digging out…if used properly.

A Cleaner Cleanup Process:

With traditional mops, after cleaning you’re sure to have a nice bucket of dirty water. Of course you can’t let the water sit in the bucket and become even more stagnant. People also tend to dump the dirty water right down the drain, but seem to forget that you’re just creating an extra job for yourself. Now you have to clean that nice, dirty ring you left in the sink.

With the ingenious capabilities of the steam mop, users no longer have to deal with big dirty buckets of water. Sure you may need to squeeze the mop for a bit, but that little bit of water is much cleaner and easier to deal with.

So this is pretty much the easiest, fastest, and best way to mop a floor correctly when using a steam mop. Cleaning is just a part of life, but trying to cut corners will only cause you to shoot yourself in the foot.

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