39 Excellent Vacuum Cleaner Tips

vacuum cleaner tipsThese are general vacuum cleaner tips about all types of vacuum cleaners, in no particular order. Vacuum cleaners are a necessary purchase if you happen to have carpeting in your home.

Upright vacuum cleaners are easier to manuever in open areas. Many people assume that all vacuum cleaners are the same, but this is not true. Upright vacuum cleaners are especially suitable for large floor areas and carpet cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners have been around a long time. And vacuum cleaners are a necessary purchase if you happen to have carpeting in your home.

You can save a lot of money by not opting for features that aren’t necessary and looking for low cost vacuum cleaners discounts and special sales online. You might consider used vacuum cleaners or refurbished vacuum cleaners.


Useful Vacuum Cleaner Tips

  1. Vacuum stores (online and “brick and mortar”) tend to carry the higher quality vacuum cleaners.
  2. High flow commercial vacuum cleaners are ideal for vacuuming light, powdery materials such as soot and dust.
  3. Commercial Backpack vacuums are easy to maneuver and perfect for these applications.
  4. Wet dry vacuums are also useful for spills and overflows. In older buildings, commercial HEPA vacuums are required where asbestos or lead paint is discovered and must be remediated.
  5. More conventional wet and dry commercial vacuums are used for military housekeeping requirements and other common vacuuming needs.
  6. Commercial vacuums are used effectively to recover food scraps, spills and to keep vehicles and machinery clean.
  7. Shopping Centers Keeping floors and carpets clean is a major job for commercial vacuum cleaners in malls and shopping centers.
  8. One of the more unusual uses for a commercial vacuum we’ve witnessed is the recovery of coins from decorative water fountains.
  9. A powerful well equipped commercial vacuum will satisfy both wet and dry applications.
  10. Universities Commercial backpack vacuums are great for cleaning classrooms quickly and easily.
  11. In dormitories, wet dry vacuums are used for general housekeeping as well as those bathroom “accidents” that occur from time to time.
  12. Industrial backpack vacuums also come in handy for cafeteria and other maintenance personnel.
  13. If you have a pet (especially a pet that sheds) a high pile carpet, and/or live in an area where you may track sand into your home, I strongly recommend the following brands of upright vacuum: Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless vacuum with Onepass.
  14. If a vacuum is advertised as being “lightweight” (this is usually in the 8 to 9lb. If you physically require or just prefer a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you need to be very careful when cleaning.
  15. A coin can very easily break then fan and/or the fan housing of the vacuum cleaner. In a home with a low pile rug, light foot traffic, and/or no pets, most upright vacuums will clean sufficiently, but you would be well served to look at the machines made by the manufacturers I mentioned earlier.
  16. If someone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma, you should be researching a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system (you’ll notice terms like: hepa filter, hypo-allergenic, hepa-like filtration, etc).
  17. More and more vacuums are being designed with improved filtration systems.
  18. I strongly recommend that you buy micro-filtered bags for any vacuum cleaner.
  19. If you really need to be concerned about filtration for health reasons, make sure the vacuum cleaner you are purchasing is a “sealed” system.
  20. If the vacuum is sealed properly, it won’t leak air before it is passed through the filter out to the exhaust.
  21. When you decide on an upright vacuum cleaner, you may want to check to see if an additional tool kit is available.
  22. Most of the “stock” onboard attachments are sufficient (usually a crevice tool, a floor tool, and an upholstery brush), but it’s nice to have a longer vacuum hose when are vacuuming a kitchen or a hardwood surface.
  23. An additional tool kit also comes in handy when you need to vacuum under a bed or any area that an upright can’t get under.
  24. Evaluate the repair records of the different vacuum cleaner models you are considering, and you can make your choice more readily.
  25. Even hard-surface floors need vacuuming though, so don’t forgo the purchase of a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have carpeting.
  26. Gaining more knowledge about the different features and types of vacuum cleaners available can allow you to find the right one for your home and your lifestyle.
  27. The first is a canister vacuum that consists of two pieces that are connected by a hose.
  28. The canister holds the motor and the area where the dirt and debris are collected and the hose leads to the vacuum part that you run back and forth over the carpet or other flooring surface. The second type of vacuum cleaner is an upright vacuum.
  29. It is a one-piece vacuum that contains the motor, reservoir for the dirt, the vacuuming apparatus and the beater head.
  30. There are several different choices even in these two categories and this is what overwhelms many consumers when they visit the store to purchase a vacuum cleaner. The motor size between vacuums can mean a big difference in the suction power and the durability of your machine.
  31. Buying the cheapest vacuum you find may only give you an average vacuum that lasts for just a few years, and doesn’t clean your floors well.
  32. If you want a vacuum cleaner that will last for several years, choose one with a quality motor and superior suction power.
  33. The suction of the vacuum cleaner is important.
  34. In most vacuums, their CFM is around 40 which isn’t enough to do a thorough job on your carpeting. Locating a vacuum cleaner that is around 100 CFM can get even sand out of your carpet, so that your carpet will last longer and it will be cleaner.
  35. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, then a HEPA vacuum cleaner is probably calling your name. Another thing that you want to consider is taking care of your vacuum cleaner. Look at the vacuum and see how easy it is to change the vacuum bag, belt, etc.
  36. You don’t want to have to visit a special store to keep your vacuum running efficiently. What type of vacuum cleaner you choose will depend on what job you need it to do.
  37. Upright vacuum cleaners are especially suitable for large floor areas and carpet cleaning. Filtration: The level of filtration determines the number and size of articles left in the air when the vacuum cleaner is being used.
  38. Wet & dry vacuum cleaners can be either bagged or bagless. No Filter Bag: dust collects in a chamber inside the vacuum cleaner instead of in a filter bag.
  39. Washable Filters: these prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner, and help maintain the top level of performance from your cleaner.



There are many different kinds of vacuum cleaners available. These are just a few vacuum cleaner tips that I’ve come across. I hope all the tips here can help you to get a reliable vacuum.

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